Tuesday, 13 January 2015

For the brokenhearted

So in my first blog I mentioned briefly about suffering heartache, I thought that it may be helpful for some to talk about that a bit more. It is a very delicate subject and can be a place of pain for many people, I can’t be the only one that has been through it. Perhaps this is me just wanting to get some things of my chest, either way I hope someone finds it helpful. I believe that human’s ability to love is the highest quality that we possess and perhaps the most mysterious. To love someone who doesn’t love you back can be devastating and even hard to process, I know it was for me. You see in this other person a world of infinite possibility and they don’t feel the same way, soul crushing! For me in my experience I have learned to be grateful for the pain that I have been through, I know that it has given me empathy toward others and it has helped me see God’s love for humanity. The Bible says that God is with the brokenhearted, I believe that to be true. True love is setting someone free and I know it took me a long time to do that. Letting go is never easy and sometimes we need to grieve for people even those who are still alive, we need to grieve the loss of relationships sometimes and own the fact that things may not ever be the way we want or hope. We need to keep loving people even though it hurts sometimes, if we give up on love we just become another cold and cynical bystander.

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