Saturday, 10 January 2015

Why I'm Almost Agnostic

Growing up I was taught that we know God exists because we see intelligence in the universe. In the same way a painting has a painter, and a building has a builder, creation has a creator. So the argument is made that an intelligent being is needed to create an intelligent universe, but then if you back up and ask where did God come from, we run into all kinds of problems, we find ourselves firmly in the realm of speculation. The thing is this doesn't bother me in the slightest, I don't see it as a negative. I see it as an indication that we are all operating on faith no matter where we stand, some people believe in the beginning God, other people believe in the beginning nothing.

There is a wonder and mystery to the universe whatever way you look at it.

I'm struggling at the moment to hold onto my faith, it sometimes feels like I'm clinging to my religion and my religion is punching me in the stomach. I can see why some people go the other way when it comes to faith. When we forget that it IS faith and try and prove it to people to the point where faith isn't required, that is when things get ugly. I choose to live my life based on the idea that love, grace, and forgiveness, among many other things matter. I believe (have faith) that how we live matters, that the universe is on our side.


  1. when i was first told that there is no beginning and no end, but the only time there is, is our earthly time, this screwed me up. lol i actually sat still for 5 minutes taking in 'no beginning' and 'no end' and if there was time in the spirit, then our earthly lives would be but a vapour in a never-ending time expanse. it was brought up when a student asked when God was created. the answer was that He was never created. He existed and He had no beginning. just, in the Beginning...God. that's it. very hard to fathom. if you do sit there and try to figure that out yes it will do your head in and your guaranteed to have the thought - how the heck can there be no beginning?

  2. My previous post was just a test I had to create a google account to comment. I think there is a creator because there is logic and intelligence in the universe. For example the DNA in the cells has a code and not just random molecules and proteins. If life was just an accident than a programming code would not exist on what a cell should do, how it should work. That's all we know, all religions are man made and got it wrong. We hvae to be free to admit what we don't know. Unfortunately, people don't want to think and prefer instant answers, that's why religions are so popular. Keep up the good work and keep posting!

  3. Logic and intelligence in the universe? Here is an interesting video Man Andy: