Thursday, 8 January 2015

Pale Blue Dot

We live in a crazy universe, I'm only learning now to appreciate this reality. Growing up we were taught "God did it that settles it", though I may still believe that to be true I feel like I really missed out on the wonder and awe of the universe. It is sad the way that religion and science have been put in the ring together as sparing partners. I don't think that they are aiming for the same goal, science is very good at answering "how" questions, how does this work and so on, but religion or faith (or even philosophy if you prefer) is good at answering the "why" questions, why are we here etc. Even if you aren't religious you still have questions that science can't answer, it will never answer as it's not equipped to, questions like "Why do I feel so alone?" "Why do I love my children more than my own life?" or even simple things like "Why do I enjoy music and the arts?" It's humbling to look at how big the universe is in comparison to us on this tiny pale blue dot we call home.

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