Thursday, 15 January 2015

Reframing the Gospel

If we could import Jesus into 2015 what would that look like? First of all who would He want to associate with? Where would He find His disciples? Who would be drawn to His teaching? Who would despise Him? What stories would He tell? What images would He use to speak of His kingdom? I wonder if there is value in pondering these ideas as it seems for so many the text of the Bible has become nothing more than nice ancient stories for an era long past. If we strip everything back to it's basics, one man with 12 disciples and a message for humanity which includes grace, love, compassion, kindness, forgiveness, judgement and so on. Perhaps instead of turning the tables in the temple and throwing out the money changers he would be railing on big business and corporation much the same way as Russell Brand is (not saying He is Jesus haha). Would the work that he endorses be found mostly inside or outside of the church or would it even matter to Him, perhaps He would just affirm goodness wherever it is found. Would He rail against atheists as some in the Church do or would He find Himself agreeing with many of their sentiments (though it would be hard to be an atheist living in the time of Jesus haha) Who would be the ones crying out for His death?

Perhaps we need to Reframe the gospel to connect with people here, now, today, perhaps we need to wake up and see that the ground we are standing on is holy. I believe that each of us has a story to tell and the story of our lives is connected to the overarching story of the gospel. We each have our part to play in enjoying the story and inviting others into it too.

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