Wednesday, 14 January 2015

We will be forgotten

It's not a nice reality to consider but it's true, someday we will all be forgotten. In a strange way it puts everything in perspective, when we zoom out and see the bigger picture it's humbling. We live on a planet, where every conflict, every love story, everything that has happened in human history has happened on this pale blue dot we call earth. Our time is short, so what are we going to do, or rather what and who are we going to value. When you really break it down all we have is each other, all we have is this moment. Maybe Heaven and Hell have less to do with locations that we are heading for and more to do with the disposition of our hearts, what I mean is maybe Heaven is when we are open handed about life and appreciate it for what it is, and maybe Hell is when we get clingy and greedy trying to hold onto things that are ever fading away.

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