Tuesday, 6 January 2015

Supplies for the road

The process of rebuilding has been a hard and long one with many difficulties along the way. I have had times when I was prepared to throw it all away and just give up, on myself, on everything. Sometimes it feels too painful to deal with, too painful to even look at. We all find supplies for the road, some people find it in relationships, others food or alcohol, others even in God. We're too often afraid of facing what lurks inside of us, so we don't stop, we just keep going and going so that we don't have to confront our own darkness. We are scared that if we dive in and see whats there that we will get lost in some endless abyss. I have found relief in alcohol, food, and many other things along the way, and I get why people go down those roads. I used to think that people did all the things they did because they were "evil" or "bad people" but having been down those roads myself I have met people who are simply lost and looking for somewhere to call home. I think that the human race has been longing and looking for that place they can call home from day one. For now we are wanderers, wondering where to go, and what it's all about. I know for myself I want to learn to see the beauty in those around me and appreciate people right where they are, I've spent so much of my life trying to change others and myself perhaps it's time to start enjoying the journey.

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