Friday, 9 January 2015

Why can't you just think like me?

The world would be much easier if everyone just thought like me, don't you agree? (see what I did there haha) The truth is, in my life at least, that most of my pain has come from me trying to convert others into thinking and seeing like me. To be fair to myself other people have done the same thing to me, we all do it (I believe) to some extent. I have been trying lately to deconstruct the beliefs that I was handed with the ones that are actually mine, it's proving quite hard and I would say borderline impossible. So if part of our DNA is made up from things we were handed then how is anything our fault, I mean this idea that we are all totally free individuals with free choice seems to me a myth. Maybe humanity would progress and grow if we lived with more of a community focus in mind. It just seems that this idea (which is all it really is) of individuality isn't working to a large extent. We see all kinds of examples in society where community breeds beauty and creativity, from sports teams to orchestras, life works well when we work in a team.

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