Wednesday, 7 January 2015

Refusing to split the world

So as I am starting to see the world with new eyes I am learning to see humanity in a new way. Before everything fell apart I split the world into nice neat categories and that helped me make sense of the world, it also meant that I never really stopped to turn the focus on my own beliefs and actions, I was exempt from examination. Religion is a great system for splitting the world which is why I think that it does us good once in a while to look at what people outside our religion are saying, hold up a mirror so to speak and see yourself in truth, the truth should have nothing to fear. When you stop splitting the world you become in some sense an enemy inside your own camp, people don't often like self critique and most religious systems are just built on affirmation so you go to church to hear what you already believe, nothing changes. As I said in earlier posts for me it was when the system wasn't affirmed, when disruption came, then new ideas could flourish. It has been well said that often our last experience of God is the biggest hindrance to our next experience of God. I believe that nothing is wasted, all the pain that we go through if we stay open is not for nothing, I get why some people close up, life is hell sometimes and often we can find ourselves in survival mode just trying to get by. Many have been hurt by church expressions due to all kinds of things including splitting the world into "them" and "us". Someone once said if the church could ever get back to love alone you couldn't stop it, someone else also said the church used to be known for the way they love one another, now they are known for the way they shove one another.

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